Okay, I said a while ago that I would bunch all the interviews I’ve done together so here goes!

I think it’ll come along really clear that I’m not very good at interviews so prepare to cringe. A lot!

First of all, we have this one from my first (and only) time at LFCC done by
Anoraks Podcast

The second one was done while on a shopping trip to Mega City Comics during my lunch break from my day job (check me all suited up). That was all unexpected but I figure I held it together pretty well. No?

Now here’s a video taken from Demoncon early this year and has a whole heap of talented folk being interviewed along with, um, me…….

I got interviewed twice back at MCM this year. First by the great Asa Wheatley (who I’ve spoken to before but can’t find an interview but yeah, it happened!). This is another collection of interviews with some other fantastic guys! Check out Moon by the way! It’s cool! (Y’know, if you’re of a suitable age. Um.)

Then there was an interview with Steve from 20 Minute Longbox. Y’know, I almost got through this without making a mistake! Fail. I should also say that this is the fourth in a collection of interviews he did so if you have a moment check out the other ones too!

So there you go. Hmm, that was all a bit egotistical wasn’t it? Anyhoo…..

Come back on Monday as we’re going to be posting the new prints we’ve got coming out for the next few cons!

Don’t forget we’re starting off in September with MCM Scotland which is guesting Bruce Boxleitner and Mira Furlan (which is soooooo cool!) and also Demoncon in Maidstone which is in new premises this time! Very excited about that!

More soon (tomorrow, okay?)! Bear hugs!