Sorry for no new post lately (although if you’ve liked us on Facebook you’ll see a review of issue #1 has been posted there) but I’m busy planning out an exposition heavy page in the latest issue.

Those of you who have read the previous books may have noticed that in one issue of each arc there’s a full page exposition heavy scene which is always set out the same way. As I was working on the second arc I figured it would be fun to put one in to give a nod to the first issue and then decided that every arc is going to have one of these pages at some point and always (okay, hopefully) from a new character!

So yeah, busy! This whole issue is a bit of a headache actually as I’m tying up so many hints that I’ve been dropping from waaaaaaay back and I want to make sure they’re all accounted for! Owwie…..

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. There are more reviews and interviews floating about that I keep meaning to post on here. When I have a moment I’ll try and put them all together in one big blog! See ya!