Okay, so London MCM was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

No really, there isn’t much more I can say. Okay, I can. Having stopped by on the Friday to do some preliminary setting up I realised that this convention was going to be biiiiiiiggggggggg. I couldn’t believe how many small press had shown up already, the sheer number of people already checking the place out and, best of all, the organiser of the event, Gary, actually making the time to check out all the tables. Brilliant.

But then came Saturday and WOW! The place was crazy busy and I know I say this every time but thank you everyone that stopped by our booth – you guys were great!

So to business. If this is your first time here then welcome! We’ve got various things to check out here including the LatB books, how I went about making an actual Bear, an Activity Book (which you can download) and loads more! I hope you really like the site and if you do, and you have access to Facebook, why not click on the ‘Become a fan’ link and follow us from there? You’ll get updates when we’ve something big to mention so it’s well worth doing!

We’re also on Comixology with issue 1 available to download to your device so if you’re on the move a lot but still want to read LatB that’s the way to do it!

If you love what we’re doing then please do vote for us at the British Comic Awards!

Finally, issue #10 is due out next month (I’m confident I’ve beaten the dreaded deadline at last! Yay!) and I’ll be back soon with more news and also some photos from the weekend!

Bear hugs!