A while back I mentioned that I had some big news for you but at the time I wasn’t able to tell you (actually, I think a couple of times I had big news that I never told but that’s not the point…..).

But yeah, here it is! Issue #1 of Lloyd and the Bear can be purchased from Comixology then downloaded to your device or PC! I was soooooo excited when I got an email from Comixology approving my book. Good times!

I’m planning (hoping) to release the following books on a monthly basis through out the next year. This does sadly mean removing the books from here though (although I’ll leave a preview of each book) which is something I’ve mentioned before. I kinda want to leave them up still but then I don’t know if that would cause issues so yeah, they’ll be getting removed soon. Sorry…..

Man, I give you good news and then end on a downer. That’s not the best is it?

But hey, get reading them books just now while they’re still up, okay?

Bear hugs!