Okay, so obviously it goes without saying that you really need to read issue #9 before you go any further here as this will contain spoilers!

I really want to talk about how issue #9 ends as I figure it was a bit of a shocker. What’s happened to Lloyd? Is he okay? Well, you see, I really can’t tell you that. Yet.

Now if you’ve looked at the picture in the back of the book showing you the cover to Issue #10 you’ll see that it’s only got Bear and that’s because we won’t actually be dealing very much with Lloyd in this issue! The thing is I also don’t want to upset the younger readers so I’m going to give you a small synopsis of what’s happening in the next issue! Are you ready?


Bear speeds towards the Universal Hospital where he hopes to find out what is ailing his fallen friend, Lloyd. As his journey continues he thinks back to an earlier time in his life when he was on Bur and fears that his actions then, like now, has put someone else in danger.

Okay, we cool? Issue #11 will have us jumping back to the present and we’ll see the outcome to what’s happening with Lloyd! (Please don’t panic before then!)

More soon! Bear hugs!