It’s FCBD tomorrow which means not only loads of free comics but other cool events happening at comic stores all over the world!

To get in on the action I’ve got copies of the Lloyd and the Bear activity book available at Mega City Comics, Orbital Comics, and Gosh Comics. If you are dropping by and don’t see the books do ask a member of staff and try and get yourself a copy.

Mega City Comics also has a full run of the first nine issues of LatB so if you’re missing a couple of issues then you’ll be able to pick them up there! (Sorry to anyone who isn’t close to London but I can only go so far with getting my books out but don’t forget the Activity Book is available to download from the link at the top of this page!)

On other news I came across a video that I’ve been interviewed in which is so cool! Look how dressed up I am!

Finally, I’ve been having a couple of days break from doing LatB work but this morning started on the first page of issue #10. It’s not a story you would expect after the ending of #9 but I’ll tell you more about that this weekend!

Bear hugs!