Hello! Okay, I’ve been real busy just now so again I apologise for not posting here as much as I wish to.

I have some absolutely HUGE news to tell you but I really want to hold off until everything is signed off. Once it’s all confirmed though you’ll be sure to know about it!

Something that’ll please a lot of you (as I keep getting asked about it) is that I’m now collecting the comics in to trade paperbacks! There will be two books out which will both collect four issues a piece and these will be available at MCM Expo in May!

Some more convention news is that we’re going to be doing one in Scotland in September at MCM Scotland! About time I took my work back up to my birth place so I’m really looking forward to that!

Finally, I’m also working on some new prints at the moment as well as a new display. I’m telling you – I’m busy!

Hopefully I’ll have something more solid to show you soon so please do keep stopping by!

Bear hugs!