Hello! Okay, before I give you the first page of our new LatB short story I just want to say thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Demoncon5 yesterday! This is our third time out in Maidstone and it just keeps getting better and better!

If you’re new to the site then please have a look around. We’ve links at the side and at the top for you to view the different issues of LatB and other bits and bobs as well. If you like what we’re doing, and use Facebook, then please click on the ‘Become a Fan’ link and follow Lloyd and Bears’ adventures on Facebook! Thank you!

Okay, so as for the short story. I’m warning you now that it’s quite a somber (it’s taking me all my strength to not say ‘sombear’) story and doesn’t have anything crazy happening. I’ll explain more on Saturday but yeah, it’s just a quiet little story that I really wanted to tell.

Oh, and for those who love a bit of continuity this fits in between issues 8 and 9. Right, enough talk – here’s page 1!

 photo page1-1_zps4ea32178.png

Page 2 tomorrow (and less talk from me!) Bear hugs!