Okay, is that the beginning of a really bad joke? No, oh, okay then!

So I had hoped that next week issue #9 would be out by next week but sadly with being late on issue #8 and then getting the flu it didn’t happen. Thankfully though I did have a plan to release a short story before issue #9 came out and I figure what better time to present that than now!

So here’s the plan. The short story is four pages long and every morning next week starting Monday I’m going to release a page. On Friday I will post the full cover to issue #9 and then on the Saturday I’ll make the short story available in book form (like the comics) and let you know some of my thoughts and reasons behind this short story. On top of that I’m also giving you a little competition (I feel bad for being late with bringing issue #9 okay?)!

So yeah, it’s a busy week next week! More details soon so don’t forget to come back! Bear hugs!