I was just going to post some updates but then I noticed my stats and realised that this was my 200th post so figured the need to mention it!

So as I’ve already mentioned last weeks convention was amazing! The shot below is of our booth. I’m currently working out how to maximise our space for future events as our booth was a wee bit tiny!

 photo contable_zps857a4b84.png

We also got some requests for sketches as so took some pics of the finished work!

Firstly, my bear version of Alice in Wonderland (but, y’know, with a girl bear and not Bernard)

 photo alicebear_zpsf4324ca8.png

I was also asked to do a sketch and allowed to pick any character of my choice which turned out to be much harder than I thought but ended up going with Beary Flash.

 photo flashbear_zpse80d20c5.png

I was also given the scary responsible (but great honour) of sketching on a blank comic cover and went with this shot of Green Lantern Bear (come on DC, give me some more characters who I can pun!)

 photo greenlanternbear_zpsd2f592d0.png

I also did a sketch of Husk from Generation X but totally forgot to take a picture of it! If said person is out there could you be kind enough to take a photo of it and send it in? I would be so grateful!

I also got a sketch done for myself from the fantastic Nick Roche. To explain, I was after issue #17 of Green Arrow and the only copy I could get was with a sketch cover. Now, I also wanted a sketch by Nick so I figured of combining the two and getting him to draw a picture of Springer (who is, um, green). Awesome!!!!!!

 photo greenarrow_zpsba67d964.png

And that’s all my news on L.S.C.C. done! I’ve been busy this week with working on #9 of LatB and also finshing a picture of Eddie Dennis for Comic Wrestling Alliance

 photo eddie_zps7db59e4e.png

And that’s me! So yeah, I’m off to celebrate with cake now. It has to be done, right?

Bear hugs!