I’ve got so much to talk about today!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth at L.S.C.C! I know I say this every time but I absolutely mean it when I say I met so many cool people! There were some really great moments over the weekend and that was really down to you guys so thank you!

If you’ve really enjoyed our books then if you could please spare a moment and go to British Comic Awards and nominate us for this year! There’s a couple of different categories that we could go under and it would be great to get a mention!

If this is your first time here at LatB then have a look around and check the site out! If you want to follow us on Facebook then please click on the ‘Become a Fan’ button! If you would like to get in touch with us then please click on the ‘Contacts’ link and you’ll find out the different ways that you can.

So yeah, on other news we’ve got our booth for Thoughtbubble in Leeds in November so that’s excellent! It’s so far away but I’m sure before I know it November will be here!

Speaking of conventions don’t forget that we’re at Demoncon5 in Maidstone on March the 17th! Really looking forward to that!

Something else that’s been going on today is that I’ve renewed our website so lloydandthebear.com will be running for at least another two years!

It’s been a right busy few days hasn’t it?

Right, back to work – I’ve just finished another page to issue #9 and got many more to get on with!

Bear hugs!