As you might have seen on a Facebook post earlier in the week I admitted that issue #9 will also miss it’s release date.

It’s annoying as I was hoping to have it out in time for Demoncon 5 but having been knocked out with the flu the last few weeks I realise that there’s no way I can get it out in time.

I had hoped that missing the deadline for issue #8 was a one off. I am confident though (touch wood) that this will be the last deadline I’ll miss. Hopefully…..

Anyways, for the moment here’s the pre-lettered opening page to issue #9! I warned you before that this is going to be a bit of a weird issue and I really wasn’t joking! If anything I figure the lettered version of this page will confuse you even more….. hmm.


More (including what other LatB things I’ve been up to this weekend) soon! Bear hugs!

PS. If you live in the London area don’t forget about London Super Comic Con next weekend! Can’t wait!