I’ve been busy this weekend finishing off an idea I had for some prints way back in October last year. Back then I only got as far as getting the titles done but I’ve come back to it this weekend and finished the artwork!

I very happily give you……………. The Transformbears!


The Heroic Autobears! Yay!!!


And then we have the Evil Deceptibears! Boo!!!

I’ve got three more prints I want to get done in the next week. Another Marvel inspired print, then one from the Distinguished Competition and then a movie one! I’m keeping hush just now on what they are but fingers crossed by next Sunday you’ll see them all posted here!

Don’t be a stranger though! This week I’m going to post about what else I’d been up to of late (y’know, apart from slowly getting issue #8 done!).

More soon! Bear hugs!