And with only one day left in December and still no sign of issue #8 I have to admit that I’ve finally missed a deadline (the original release of #6 when my PC crashed not being counted).

I’ve been pulling in the hours to get the issue done but with changes to my day jobs hours, Christmas, and some other projects on the go unfortunately I just haven’t managed to get it finished in time!

It’s also the reason why I haven’t posted any updates on here for so long (I’m sorry!) as I’ve been so busy!

I have one and a half pages to draw out and then a couple of pages to colour and the cover to issue #9 to do and then I’ll be done so the issue should be out very, very soon. Honest! Hmm, that sounds like a lot more than I had thought. Oh oh…..

This also means that the mini story I have planned that will lead in to issue #9 will be held back a bit as well (I’m trying to plan a suitable release date for that now).

My New Years resolution is to provide you guys with some more updates. Certainly the first part of 2013 will be spent working on new prints so I can see myself having the time to post on here a lot more.

Again, really, really sorry. I absolutely hate it when other artists miss deadlines so I’m really knocking myself for this one.

All I’ve left to say is a belated Merry Christmas (or happy holiday season) to you all and I hope you all have a great New Year!

More very soon! Bear hugs!