I hate spam. Both the kind in a tin and the nasty junk emails that I receive from time to time.

Thing is this morning I woke up to find I had over 630 spam comments for LatB! Added annoyance in that I could only delete twenty at a time….. grrr.

So after a bit of thinking I decided to block comments from any of my older posts and thankfully this has cut down the spam mails to a lovely ZERO.

Why do people do these things?

You know, since clearing the spam mails this morning I received another 53 of the stupid things! Does this post sound a bit annoyed? Well, yeah, I had been hoping to get on with issue #8 this morning but all my time has been clearing my mail folder and then changing the permissions on my posts.

Okay, enough moaning!

To end this post on a positive note I did get some work done of issue #8 at the weekend which is good and I also completed two more wrestling commissions so yay!

More soon (and hopefully positive, eh?)! Bear hugs!