I know it’s late! Sorry! Anyways, as I said before we had a great time and looooooved the atmosphere despite the slightly smaller turn out. It’s absolutely ace there and I can’t wait for the next one!

We got ourselves a bigger table this time which was a bit daunting as I still don’t feel I have enough stuff to cover it!


Bigger uh? Every time I keep moving things around and feel there’s still a lot more to do to fancy up the table. I got rid of the sweets this time (sorry if you came looking for them!) and added a second flyer dispenser (as I figured that depending what side people come from they don’t always notice the flyers until they’ve moved on) and printed actual prices for the books and prints!

I’ve got loads more stuff planned for Thoughtbubble but as per usual it’s down to time! *sigh*

Anyways, the other big, and rather cool, thing I need to mention is that I was asked to do a commission! I’ve not done a sketch for anyone in years and what a way to get back in to it! I mean Masterchief from Halo?!?!? That’s a whole lot of scary detail but I ended up being really happy with the outcome!


Now I want to do more commissions!!!!!! Bring on Thoughtbubble!

More soon! Bear hugs!