Although it has to be said, it’s not from me! Whoops!

You know, when I put all the prints together such as Beardevil or Spider-Bear I always use Bear as the main character as he’s a much easier sell than Lloyd. I know that comes off a bit harsh but sadly it’s the truth.

Well, Nigel Dobbyn has put together this absolutely awesome picture of Lloyd as Robert Kirkman’s Invicible! How cool is that?!?!?


I love this so much although I’m very, very, very jealous of the colouring! I really wish I could get my books to look that shiny! Sigh.

Thanks again to Nigel for doing this picture which was to inspire me in getting on with issue #7 (which it has! Result!).

I’ve got the first five pages planned out with various other beats spaced out in the issue and currently trying to tie it all together. I’m feeling confident that I’ll get it all done for September. No, really!

Anyways, back to work! Bear hugs!