Okay, so I’ve made a few changes to the website!

Firstly, I’ve removed the links to both the clothing site and the book (I actually thought I had removed these ages ago so whoops!). I felt that the clothing site was waaaaay overpriced and I really wasn’t happy with it and the book was the old black and white copy of LatB and I would prefer to just have the colour editions available now.

In regards to LatB clothing I do plan to bring it back but at a much better price – more on that soon once I have everything sorted out!

So with those two buttons gone I had a bit of space so I’ve added a button to the Activity Book which (and I’m sorry for banging on about it) is available to download for free so you can work on it!

The answers are also available on the Activity Book page and don’t forget to send in your monster drawings! I really want to see them!

That’s all for now! Bear hugs!