Two things I need to tell you today!

Firstly I got this sweeeeeeet picture from Nigel Dobbyn yesterday which I love!

Click on his name above to check out his other work!

Bear meets AlienaTed by *handtoeye on deviantART

Secondly, it was a busy day yesterday as I also got the details for our booth at The London Film and Comic Con and if you’re in the area don’t forget to come down this weekend!

The guest list looks amazing with people from so many sci-fi shows that I would love to meet (although I’m going to be busy at my booth so if any of the stars are reading this if you would possibly come over to my booth that would be great. No? You know, I was going to list of a few names that I really wanted to see but the list just got too large as there are so many!!!!).

Don’t forget that issues 5 & 6 of LatB will be on sale at the convention this weekend along with the previous books, prints and t-shirts! Yay!

More soon! Bear hugs!